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Have your own, custom-made external tech team of freelancers led by experienced project manager. No-skill needed, no high fees and no-time consuming!

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Quantum Project

Boost your company with a cloud tech team led by a trusted project manager experienced working with:

Turn tech idea into ready-to-start project plan in just few days

You no longer need to know which talents to look for and how to organize their work.

Just describe the project and get multiple project plans proposed by experienced project managers. That’ll cost you zero.

Say “no” to less than perfect digital products

Say no to broken deadlines, irresponsible talents, or the final product of questionable quality.

Your project manager is a guarantee that everything will be fine and timely on your project.

Keep control and delegate execution transparently

Track your project progress with 24/7 insight while saving over than 90% of your time getting involved only for key decisions.

Optimize resources by engaging the team only when it is needed.

Leveraging on freelancing ensures cost efficiency

Project managers are platform vetted freelancers with fully success-based compensation.

The rest of your team are also freelancers joining scoped-based deals made by the manager.

It's super easy

Have your own team of industry experts in 3 easy steps.

Describe your needs

Give the brief project scope, including budget, expectations and time range

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Takes only 6 minutes!


Get few project plans and scopes by project managers matching your project industry

Meet your team!

Accept the best matching proposal and meet the team united around your vision

Enrich your company or startup with cloud IT team and save up to 75% of your budget with even more flexibility.

Create your first project

No upfront payments!

How clients use our platform?

From business idea realization to digital transformation

For SMEs

Build a solution oriented cloud team of remote talent - through partially or entirely outsourced team of IT engineers.

Easily walk your business or company through a digital transformation managed by industry experts.

For startups

Get the cost estimates for your development, and prove your ask by presenting the implementation plan to potential investors.

Build your MVP or grow your existing product with a transparent way of presenting the progress to your investors.

For agencies

Execute your projects in a well structured way with access to additional talents from a wide sourcing pool.

Become flexible to serve any expertise and skill needed by your clients without employees sitting on the bench.

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Literally no technical skill needed!

Beautiful products has become even better using Quantum

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