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Connect with most reliable project managers on the market and let them recruit and manage team of freelancers matching your needs. Save your budget, time and effort.

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On our platform you can work with the project managers experienced in working with companies such as:

Let experts plan your project and recruit team of freelancers matching its needs

You no longer need to know which talents to look for and how to organize their work.

Just describe the project and get multiple project plans proposed by experienced project managers in days. That’ll cost you zero.

No skill needed

Say “no” to less than perfect digital products

Say no to broken deadlines, irresponsible talents, or the final product of questionable quality.

Your project manager is a guarantee that everything will be fine and timely on your project.

Verified quality and timeliness

Have all insights on your fingertips wherever you are

Track your project progress with 24/7 insight while saving over than 90% of your time getting involved only for key decisions.

Optimize resources by engaging the team only when you need them.

Transparent, flexible and time-saving

Leveraging on freelancers ensures cost efficiency

Project managers are platform vetted freelancers with fully success-based compensation.

The rest of your team are also freelancers joining scoped-based deals made by the manager.

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Get few project plans and scopes by project managers matching your project industry

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Accept the best matching proposal and meet the team united around your vision

Save up to 75% of your budget compared to building an in-house team.

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How clients use our platform?

From business idea realization to digital transformation

For SMEs

Build a solution oriented cloud team of remote talent - through partially or entirely outsourced team of IT engineers.

Easily walk your business or company through a digital transformation managed by industry experts.

For startups

Get the cost estimates for your development, and prove your ask by presenting the implementation plan to potential investors.

Build your MVP or grow your existing product with a transparent way of presenting the progress to your investors.

For agencies

Execute your projects in a well structured way with access to additional talents from a wide sourcing pool.

Become flexible to serve any expertise and skill needed by your clients without employees sitting on the bench.

Start your own adventure

Literally no technical skill needed!

Beautiful products are realized on Quantum Workflow platform

Using Quantum Workflow platform, I was able to rapidly scale up my company by assembling a team of tech experts without the usual concerns about salaries, equipment, expenses, or market competition. Working with a dedicated project manager not only saved me valuable time but also ensured that I had access to the very best technology expertise in the field.

Saša Krstić


Vuk Komerc doo

Unlock the potential of global talents for your own project by connecting with vetted project managers.

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Most recent answers before you start

After you express your needs, you will get multiple proposals from different independent project managers along with the price and detailed project plan, allowing you to pick the best offer from the market.

We encourage you to sign an NDA agreement with members you share confidential data with, while the public data on the platform as general project description should be non-confidential.

The project is broken down into phases called milestones. The funds paid by you at the beginning of the milestone are kept in the escrow during its execution and are released only after you verify the milestone execution.

You don't need to pay during the phase of expressing your needs and receiving and selecting project plan proposals. Once you accept an offer, you will be required to pay the first milestone of the project in order to start the execution.

Having it will accelerate the process, but you may also come with the idea only, while experienced project manager will work with you on creating the project plan.

No, you will be involved only in the early stage while your needs are mapped to an implementation plan. Later on, you can simply monitor the progress of your project and participate as needed for key approvals and decisions.

No, you will be connected with experienced industry expert that would understand your needs, translate them into the requirements and recruit and lead a team of freelancers for you.

The current milestone will be completed, while all further milestones would not be started until you decide to fund them.

99% of our clients say that Quantum Workflow is the easiest way on the market to plan and develop your digital product!

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